Exterior Masonry New Jersey

Sage Companies, LLC prides ourselves in being a premier commercial and residential construction company. We not only do snow removal, commercial snow removal, paving, residential renovations, commercial renovations, interior renovations, but we also excel in exterior masonry. Exterior masonry is highly durable and our team at Sage Companies is trained in using a multitude of materials, including, but not limited to brick, cast stone, cob, concrete block, glass block, granite, limestone, marble and travertine. One of the biggest advantages of exterior masonry is that the upkeep costs are minimal and the structures are extremely durable, making your life-cycle costs for these structures minute. Below is a small sample of the work we have provided our exterior renovations clients. Contact us today with any questions you have regarding your exterior masonry project. Let us renovate your home or office and create a beautiful outdoor space.